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Newsletter New Year 2017

I know you have not heard from me in a long while, it has been a crazy busy 2 years. I have done more shows, retreats and traveling than ever, but the retreats and shows are coming to an end. I still have 6 shows and 4 retreats for 2017 and 1 last retreat in April 2018. I will do shows into 2018 as long as I have inventory. I am not ordering any new fabric and haven’t for several months. What I have now is it, but there is a lot and a new snowman BOM I just finished called ‘ALL MY FAVORITE MEN ARE SNOWMEN’.

I AM RETIRING FOR SURE. I have made so many new friends and welcomed lots of old friends back over the years, it has been such a blessing.

Since you have heard from me I have done a 6 week driving trip to Alaska with my friend Maryann. We did all 10 national parks and had to fly into 5 of them. It was a fabulous trip. My new favorite mode of transportation is the sea plane. I have now completed all the national parks except American Samoa (not doing that one).

My future travels include staying in all 8 (of about 200) of the remaining WOOD FRAME hotels left from around the early 1900’s. I have stayed in several and have reservations for the rest. I am also doing the same thing for the 6 chateaus left in Canada. I have a trip planned for 2018 driving coast to coast in Canada. In May I flew to Florida and drove up the eastern sea board into Canada and Prince Edward Island and home of Ann of Green Gables (her house is there, charming area). In the fall of this year I am driving to the east coast and seeing some of the things I missed last May and adding some others. I am a huge movie fan and love visiting the actual locations of my favorite movies. In the fall this includes 2 plantations in Louisiana that are now B&B’s. I will also see my son, grand kids and my soon to be 1st great grandson. They all live in TX except 2 grandsons in KY. In July I am going to Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Victoria Island again and staying in 2 of the chateaus (Banff Springs and Empress)

For my SHOWS see my website for dates, times and addresses under ‘quilt shows’
MAKE YOUR RESERVATION NOW for the few remaining spots in my retreats for 2017. I am taking a wish list for 2018 in case someone cancels from the April retreat. THIS IS IT!

See my website and go to ‘QUILT SHOP’ for all my kits and BOM’s. I have 4 current snowmen BOM’s and 2 fairly new snowmen kits as well as several other flannel kits. I also have 2 other BOM’s.

I love what I do and thankful for my good health (just getting old for so much lifting) and all of you. Please visit my website to see everything currently available.

Please visit my website at click on the buttons and you can visit ‘quilt shop’ for kits and BOM. Visit ‘class and retreat schedule’ for that information or go to ‘show schedule’ for all the particulars on my shows for 2017. I have and will continue to have the Softfuse fusible on my website and at shows. You can order on line or call me.

Thank you for your interest in the Quilt House Bed and Breakfast and Quilt Shop.
Keep on quilting and enjoying life. I wish you all the best: good health, fun and finished quilts. I thank the LORD for HIS many blessings and especially all the friends I have made all over the country.
Please let me know if you would like to be removed from my newsletter list. Send both 1st and last name please. Thank you

Don’t forget to call when your credit card expires or is compromised. The mailing schedule for 2017 for the BOMs and retreat payment plan is on my website.

Hope to see you soon and I love to hear from you too.

Elaine Hutchison, owner Quilt House Bed and Breakfast and Quilt Shop
call 208 935-7668

Classes and Retreats Shows Accomodations Quilt Shop Quilt House Pictures Quilt House BnB Cookbook Quilt House Newsletter
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